February Updates

Two big things going on this month. The first few weeks of the release of the Emporium Stores and of course the ongoing Sochi Games CE style. Meanwhile we are hammer and tongs behind the scenes working on several new elements of CE for the coming months.

Sochi 2014
So far players from all professions have managed to pull in just over 5,500 Tokens. Also close to 1,700 Beacons. Of these tokens 40 players have completed a set and 909 Beacons have been handed in.

There is still NINE days left to find more tokens and complete your set. With close to 4000 tokens still in play in players ship stores there is plenty of scope for swaps and trades. Contact your Guild or post in the forums (in game or here) and grab / swap your missing tokens.

You have till 4:00 PM on the 2nd of March to complete your set and run it over to an Olympic Office.

Beacon Rankings
At this point in time Great Britain is leading with 270 Beacons dropped off in their name. Second is the United states followed by Canada, Romania and Poland.

Although I can’t release the details on the current top rankings for hand-ins per captain, I can tell you that the top ten is close, very close. Don’t forget the top ten with the highest hand-ins will be awarded a nice prize choice.

You have till 4:00 PM on the 24th of February to hand in your beacons at an Olympic Office.

Player Emporiums
Its been less that 2 weeks so far and already we have 56 Emporium Stores. Of those with Stock for Sale (and open) all have made sales. In fact between the stores a total of 2,264,427,510 Credits has passed hands!

I personally think that’s a staggering sum of credits to exchange hands through a player sales based system and only goes to show how well the new stores are being received by the majority.

We added a few tweaks to the stores since they have been open and also added the Resources side to them to round them off. I’m happy to start taking ‘suggestions’ for additions to their services here through the forums. So if you have an idea open a suggestion thread and suggest away.

It wouldn’t be a post from me if I didn’t take the opportunity to point out the great Sales and Rewards for support in the Core-Exiles Store this month. It’s your game as much as ours, so support is always kindly received and well spent on promoting and developing Core Exiles.


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