February is Here!

Christmas Festivities have ended and clean-up is final. So what’s up for February? Check out the CE Facebook page for a nice Discord Chat give-away.

Also, hop on over to the CE Store: Core Exiles Store for some special CE LOVE including the chance to win a LIFETIME PA! Check out the specials here: Official CE Sales – February

You can show Coops some love by becoming a Core Exiles Patron. Details can be found here: Core Exiles Patron Page




  1. Mechwarrior says:

    December/January seemed to have flown by ingame with so much happening. It was nice to see so many Captains levelling up during this time – all those extra points one can pick up during ‘COOPS’ special events make a great difference in growing your toon. With the news from COOPS that another challenge is in the air I am sure that all Captains will endeavour to spend more time playing.
    For anyone looking at becoming involved in this great game, dont let all the events or day to day activity confuse you – you dont have to be involved in everything.. Most Catains pick a select few and go with those for the first few months and with all the help thats offered by players daily, well, you cant help but grow and enjoy your time.

    Its a great game, and has great people involved.

    Sit down, log in and enjoy your time ingame


  2. Thomas101 says:

    I think it is a great idea.Captian Thomas101

  3. Captain Bethany says:

    Something fun to do with our 6 more weeks of winter.

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