F.O.M Missions Review

I’ve been meaning to look at this one, and today in chat was reminded it might be time for a review of the F.O.M Mining office contracts. Now I’ve not changed the way they work, the offices still allow you to regenerate a mission (the old-fashioned way) rather than static missions that time out. I figured it was best to leave these this way as they were to Take one Complete one, and not sit fishing for half a dozen to the same place :)

So the mechanics of the Generation have not changed in the way they ‘physically work’…


The cost to generate a mission used to Cap out at 60, this has now been increased to level 185. So those of you scrapping the ceiling will be paying more for your ‘Mission Requests’ from the FOM office…

In Return…

Max Missions Sizes are based off your FOM Faction Rank. I have as of this post ‘Doubled’ the size of mission it can generate. Note, that doesn’t mean ALL your mission offers will double, it just means the max size of mission is double doubled for the RND to use. But it WILL have an affect trust me :)

The office offers mission based on your Captain level. So as before, this does not change :

Level <15 Just Sphere
>=15 Adds in All Galaxies minus the Expanse
>=30 All Galaxies


I have increased distance rewards dramatically. These rewards are taken into account when generating the missions. This affects the end credits offered and increases in line with distance from the Office. This again will have a large difference to missions offered. They will now top out around the 2.5mill mark for High ranking FOM faction players with a fairly high Cap level.

The effect will still be seen in the early to mid-levels but becomes more pronounced as you increase in FOM Rank and Cap Level.

Finally, something that was past due, I have increased the XP rewards (which are a % of the Credits) and the FOM Faction which is a % of the XP rewards.

This concludes the FOM office overview and changes.


P.S If you have a mission active the Credits and standard XP will not be affected but the Faction XP will be. All three stats are displayed now when handing in the mission. Any missions take from this post onwards will have the boost to all three stats.

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