Explorers League – Transfer Office

The Explorers League has managed to negotiate permission from the Central Heritage Fund to allow the collection and trade of Archaeology Treasures. Up till now these were only collected by the Central Heritage Fund when they were sold off privately by Captains.

This has lead to the Explorers League offering Transfer Offices to all Settlements Level Five or over. These offices will Trade High Tech Loot types for specific Archaeology Treasures. At this time the trade rate is 1:1.

Due to limited stock the Explorers League can only guaranteed certain types of High Tech loots in each Galaxy. Therefore captains many need to visit offices in various Galaxies to acquire what they need.

At this time the Explorers League have left the opening of theses stores to captains in ownership of a Settlement level five and above. The opening fee of 5 Million credits is a bond to keep the store stocked with High Tech items for that particular Galaxy.


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