Expanse Settlements [Released]

Some of the eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted that we released Expanse Settlements earlier today. This is the culmination of months of work and testing and allows for Settlements to now be deployed in the Expanse.

You will Find a Primer Over HERE

Please read it before asking any questions covered. I’m happy to field others that can be answered. Please bear in mind that Settlements in the Expanse is in its early stages. We have tested up to Level 5 but we have only released some 240 schematics at this time.

This covers the Six Expanse Hubs you will need and the initial buildings for Energy, Housing and Power up to level 4.

As the project next Step evolves and moves closer to completion we will add more and more. Defence systems will be added next along with key Level 3 and 4 Buildings.

Read the Primer – bunker down for the long haul and enjoy…


P.S A special round of applause for Alexx who single handily created all the Expanse Schematics for this round. A Massive effort and he deserves all our thanks

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