Expanse Growing Pains

It was a long time coming, but eventually yesterday we saw the release of Settlements in the Expanse. I figured this was worthy of a special news post as it opens up new avenues for Core-Exiles Players.

Settlements are an integral part of the game touching on almost all aspects of Core-Exiles in one way or another. Be that a place to lay your hat and call home to offering services and stores to others. A way of funding your CE habit and a way to leave your mark on the game.

Opening settlements up to the Expanse was not easy and it took us some time to overcome some of the hurdles we had managed to make for ourselves. But we got these in the end. This initial release has allowed us to offer players the opportunity to stretch their legs and set up home in an alien locale.

The Naristro have warmed to humanity slowly over time. Whilst no one is going to say they are running around waving flags welcoming humans to the Expanse, they are allowing us access that was before unheard off.  Their scientists are working with ours and already they have allowed us to release Reactor, Housing and Research facilities for the new settlements.

The Naristro have allowed us access to their Staff and even their main freight company. Whilst its true much of what’s to come from the Expanse settlements will take time, the future for the expanse is now well on its way to blooming.

The Aliens have a lot to offer us in the way of advanced technology. This in turn will allow Expanse settlements to diverge from the average settlement and whilst costs and effort may be high the rewards should in the long term outweigh them.

We have a lot planned for the Expanse and the Naristro will play an integral part of the War against the A.I foe.


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