Expanse Combat – Aliens Attack

The first wave of Alien Attacks on Settlements started today. From a non fiction point of view these are similar in affects and levels as standard non Alien attacks but they do have a slightly wider range when it comes to how much damage they can do.

Loot as you would expect is all Alien loot and losing will cost you Talas and SRP – again as you’d expect. As there are only a handful of Expanse sets that are open to attack (Level 3 or higher) the attacks will come in thick and fast. But they will follow the same rules that a settlement cannot be attacked more frequently than every 48 hours.

I did a lot of testing on Dev using the current live Expanse Settlements and I have to say that all bar 2 settlements are ill prepared for attacks. I did warn you and I did publicise it here on the Dev and Settlement forums, so move post-haste and bolster those defences!

A shield is your best friend when it comes to Defensive HP, there are other ways of course but it’s the easiest way to bolster and automatically repair.

When the event system is made live this month you can expect the Aliens to start messing with your settlements as well, so once the news of it’s arrival is out pay close attention.


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  1. Navile says:

    I hope to have my first Expanse settlement ready for this (i.e. up to Level 3) in the next month or two… but it has taken me three-plus years of on-and-off playing (and a couple really good deals from the CE Store!) to reach this point.

    Just one more way to demonstrate that Core Exiles is a DEEP DEEP game!

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