Expanded EBK Ranges

It’s been requested a few times and was already on my ‘To Do’ white board when it was requested again this week. So without further-a-do I have released an expanded range of Player Crafted E.B.K’s.

Three more Hull, Three more Armour and Four more Shield versions. These were based on the fact that we have sufficient captains requiring these larger repair consumables.

Of course it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a slight twist, these require new sub modules and of course they use new Combat based loot, although not all. I did my due diligence and based these of prices ranging off the old ones and within keeping of making them ‘cost affective’ if collecting your own resources and crafting yourself or having a friend who’s willing to help out.

Also these continue to rise in Level requirements but keep the Zero skill use.

Happy Christmas to those that had this on their list.


P.S these start at Tech Level 10, going up to 12 so you will need to find a Promenade to match.

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