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I had put this change off till I’d had a little more time to ponder the problem I faced. But this morning armed with some very strong coffee I set out ad managed to complete it in a few hours.

Complete what Coops ?

Well it had been asked when we first started making Misc items be automatically placed in the Secure Store that the Engineering Facility looked in their for them Misc (Debris and such like). IT was problematic due to how the system works but I managed to nail it down eventually.

Now when you engineer a MODULE you will see a message at the top of the page that displays what’s required. It informs you that the Misc based items are taken directly from your Secure Store. Which is exactly what its doing now.

So as to NOT throw the entire engineering system in to chaos, that’s the only section that looks for Misc based items so that’s the only section I touched. (like coding in a minefield but I managed to come out intact).


Normal modules crafted still reside in your local ships craft section – you just no longer have to traipse back to the Secure Store search through the several 100 items of scrap you have in there and transfer them out. All done for you.

You can thank Akkamaddi for reminding me that was still on my ‘to-do’ list


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  1. akkamaddi says:

    As the one who prompted this in the chat, I wanted to publicly say thank you.

    While CE is a game that can get very deep (you can do combat, you can explore derelicts, or you can extract copper ore and run it through a factory to make electronic components and run that through another factory to make commercial tech goods that you run through a mall to sell for a hefty profit), but this is something that is very important.

    The developer listens directly to the players.

    When problems come up, or something unexpected happens from a change, players bring it up and the issues are addressed.

    This has kept a slow-but-steady progress in the game for the entire six years I’ve been playing. For all the good things in the game and the great community, this really cannot be overlooked.

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