Emporium Stores – Resources

This one needed a little server poking but I got it working on live a short time ago. You can now buy and Sell Resources through the new Emporium Malls.

For the Seller / Owner¬†of the emporium Store you have a new link in your store (once its named) to ‘Sell Resources’. This allows you to place on sale resources from your local Commercial Store.

The system wont display or offer any resource where good are inbound to that location, but other than that if you have enough stock limit left you can place as much or little of a resource as you like. Remember the price you set is the CPU still.

Once you set the CPU and amount its transferred from your Commercial Store to the Emporium Stock rooms. You can of course pull it back and that places the resource back in your local Commercial Store.

Purchasers, simple – see what you like enter how much you want (at the CPU displayed). Purchase and your resources are moved to the local Commercial Store for you.

Both parties get a PM for reference and Owners you get references added to your Store Logs.

This add-on is Free – so enjoy!


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