Emporium – Errrr Where?

Of late I had spotted more than a few players come in to the chat and ask how they could locate / find their Emporium, or in some cases Emporiums. There are currently 244 Emporiums, of which 214 are currently open. With everything else you have to juggle and cajole, trying to remember where you left that pesky Emporium can be problematic.

Well no more….

I give you the Emporium Overview. You can now seek out your pesky Emporiums via the ‘View Assets‘ tab (bottom right) and click ‘View Emporium‘. If you have them (some of you have FIVE!) they will be listed there, not only their locations but their status, sales figures stock levels etc. It also displays the last ten sales for the Emporium.

For those that don’t have an emporium, a screen is displayed extolling the virtues of one.

To date the current sales revenue through player emporiums is 75,774,597,194 that’s a lot of credits!

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