Disaster in Hexham

Gus Givens here, reporting to you live from the Hexham system, where just a few hours ago a terrible catastrophe struck.

The galaxy renowned orbital research institute known by its official designation as Research Station 2 was only a short while ago engulfed in an enormous explosion which consumed the station, while emergency ships have been dispatched and are currently scanning the area, it is presumed that all 297 research personnel aboard have perished.

Currently the Gal-fed authorities have remained tight lipped about the cause of the explosion and only authorised ships are permitted to venture close to the stations debris field, however speculation has been rife and ranges from illegal weapons research to an attack somehow initiated by the AI.

This is truly a dark day for us all and our thoughts here at ISN are with the families of those lost, let us hope that the cause of this explosion can be revealed quickly and help prevent such disasters from occurring in future.


  1. SpaceBucks says:

    Hmm, so what do we do with the survivors?

  2. Renfield says:

    Well accidents do happen. And that is what this was. I know, because it wasn’t a pirate RAID and the AI are too far away.

    What kind of accident? Well it might have been related to their research, but I don’t buy that. I’m more inclined to blame poor maintenance or someone letting methane build up where it shouldn’t.

  3. Lost Queen says:

    : |

    Someone will pay for this.

  4. Oryuken says:

    Our thoughts and well-wishes go out to the family and friends of the victims in this tragic catastrophe.
    Hopefully the investigation surrounding the events which took place will unrife the speculation and
    range-in on the truth.

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