Derelict Combat

I have so many distractions these days, that keeping to a work schedule is almost impossible. Between fixing / balancing and working on new elements to keep ahead, some things get left behind.

Close Quarter ‘Personal Combat’ was one of these things. We added the personal Load-out a long time ago now. Within that was a slot for a Gun, Ammo and Armour. These now have a real purpose as of today.

I wont bore you all to death with my usual Dev drivel other than to say I have written a Primer for Personal Combat 

Please take the time to read it if it’s going to be your ‘thing’. Also to point out that the first question on many players lips is likely answered within the first few paragraphs in the Primer.

Over the next few weeks we will closely monitor the outcome and stats of players taking part. So you can be assured it will get the odd tweak and love as the weeks go by.

OK Off to my next thing on my list….


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