December Update

Well so far we have handed out over five and a half thousand items that can be exchanged at the Christmas Exchange and these new Exchange offices are now open. They will remain open until midnight on the 7th of January so you have plenty of time to consider what to spend your Christmas points on. Plus time to swap the exchange items with fellow players should you need to.

Fieron – Utu – Sphere
Blake – Doshnaa VI – Furnace
Dashan – Aurelian – Furnace
Tornsul – Honiru – Verec-per
Trantor – Popovich – Anvil
Yam – Defiant – Expanse
Zarante – Olympia – The Forge

The above list is where you will find the Exchange and they are looking for the ‘Coops Christmas Exchange Items’. We have been handing these out since week one of December. Hopefully, you have been collecting them 🙂

Any Christmas Points that remain on your account after the 7th of January will remain there until next year so if you don’t get what you want (in its entirety this year) there is always next year.

Happy Hunting



  1. Really enjoyed the challenge and rewards for december. Had a lot of time off for family stuff so I couldn’t participate as much as I’d have like, but I still got some solid rewards, so thanks for a great event!

  2. marcsp says:

    The holiday events are a blast, and there’s definitely an uptick in my playing time during these events.
    The expansion of the exchange items/collection offices concept is excellent and I hope it keeps expanding
    into all the other holidays.
    My only gripe is that, in December, there were too many collection events
    going on (Lost Docs/Exchange Items/San Ticlaws) which made it hard to make progress in any one
    collection. Kinda just spread everyone too thin. It might have made sense to postpone Lost Docs
    a couple weeks to better cover the New Year (and after) period.

  3. marvin says:

    I always look forward to the holiday events in CE. So much to do and so much to collect. Thanks for another great time.

  4. marvin says:

    I always enjoy December events in CE. so much to do and so much to collect. Another great event.

  5. Korth says:

    Another great event/addition to the game. Only problem was that there was TOO much to do.

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