December is Upon Us!

December is here once more, so once more I’m running around like a headless Chicken playing catch up as we instigate Christmas Festivities here at Core-Exiles. This month we will have a lot going on with the NEW NPC CREW taking over in the next day or so from the November crew.

Festive NPC’s
These NPC’s will be offering rewards for hand-ins of the new Christmas Festive Items that are now being handed out to those of you playing. They will continue to do so until the 7th of January. Giving you time to offload Festive items after Christmas.

Christmas Week – MECH WAR!
Also this year akin to most years I myself will be say here for the Festive Week of Christmas & the New Year running a ‘Mech War’. I’ll be offering up prizes and Goals as per usual along with some ‘Twists’ this year :)

So load up on Mech Packs and start prepping your Mech Engineers and Pilots !

Graffiti Gang Promising Come Back!
I suspect you can also expect to see the Graffiti Gang come put of hiding at some stage and start spray paining their Christmas decor everywhere for you to report. Clean up crews will be on stand by. You will be able to report this from the Forums and claim a prize at the time of reporting.

Santa Gears up for a Busy Christmas
This year Santa has Hired the same security team that Rexx Uses for his social commitments. Hopefully this will ensure a smooth delivery of the Presents for all the Orphanages this year – We can but HOPE :)



  1. Sylven says:

    I’m waiting on december 2017! it should be fantastic, so anxious and waiting what’s up on the cards this christmas! just like santa claus brings gifts this gives us even more Enjoyment via Core exiles gifts of competition. Being an old player makes you curious for gifts where as the new player finds everything thrilling like me, as you learn what’s on the cards.

  2. Marcus says:

    Captain Marcus is looking forward to the mech competition over Christmas week. Let the smashing and bashing begin!!!

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