December 2015 Arrives!

festive3December already! Where on earth did the year go? Looking back its not been a bad year here at Core-Exiles. It’s had its up and it’s downs but we are still here after 10 Years and still working on the code with new updates and releases coming out all the time.

The Year Ahead…

We have Settlements Level 7 coming soon, along with allowing Expanse Sets to level to six and seven as well. This opens the door for Starbase Building Crafting (done on Level Seven+ Settlements),

This in turns enables the final stages of Starbases to be completed and for all those Hubs to be deployed! You still have time to create your own Starbase Hubs but the window is closing fast if you’re looking to be deployed in the first Wave.

Of course we are still waiting for the AI Warboard to be completed and for the AI invasion force to show their true intent. Will the player community be able to hold off the forces of evil ?

Plus what were the Javorans hiding in the centre of the Expanse? Seems a few captains are working hard on trying to figure that out. Will we find out early next year, and what will it mean for Core-Exiles players?

December Activities

Of course with it being December Rudolf, Donner & Blitzen and this year the Combat Critical Loot ‘Account Upgrades’ are once again upon us.

The Christmas Resource Token Service is open for the first time this year. Allowing players who have been collecting Resource Tokens  during October and November to trade them in for crates of CE Resources. Of course you can earn one with CE Support or win one in some of the competitions we have been running and will continue to run over December and the New Year.

Update to Mining – We also yesterday released an upgrade to the Mining Loot system. Expanding Mining from Three loot windows to Five. Increasing your loot options whilst reducing the click fest that mining is 🙂

New Buddy Add-on – With December also comes the addition of Buddies to Core-Exiles. A way for players to show their support for Core-Exiles and earn resource rewards on their account for the lifetime of the account.

Graffiti Taggers – I suspect we shall see the yearly deluge of tagged ships. With everything from Store fronts to Mining lasers adorned in Festive spray paint. If you spot them make sure to report them to the authorities and win!

Santa Hires Security – This year we have heard rumours that Santa will be hiring additional security to ensure that his presents and toys are not lost (yet again) to thieves or accidents. What happens remains to be seen!

Mech Week – I also suspect that come the Christmas, New Year week we will have a Kick ass Mech week giving away as we do the kitchen sink and every prize I can throw at it. So start collecting your mech packs and start gearing up!

Competition Central – You may want to keep a constant eye on the Forums this December / New Year as we will be running plenty of competitions throughout the festive period. You’ll find me giving away all kinds of prizes from 1 Month PA’s and Fuel right through to Life Time PA accounts and special festive prizes.

A Big Thank YOU – To all reading this, from those who recently joined us and are delving into the depths of core-Exiles to those who joined us over Ten years ago, thanks for sticking with us and for continuing to show your support!

Lastly, we wouldn’t be here if it was not for the Staff of Core-Exiles. They give their time freely and help support and keep the wheels greased. Helping New & Old players alike! A Big heartfelt thank you to them!


CE Developer




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