Day 3+ Challenge Update

Day 3+ Stages Complete : 12 | Fuel Reward Pending : 6,000!

The three freight factions have completed their stage ones – Congratulations! Union is still struggling with stage 1 (not uncommon this early on)
Same with combat, mind you 5,000+ ships killed is nothing to sneer at!

A.I Ship combat is really ‘using the force’ with Stage 2 completed and stage three underway! Alien combat could do with a kick in the pants (I never liked the Aliens, give em a kick for me whilst you’re there).

F.O.M is ‘getting there’ I gave the miners some tough goals this time round, so bare with them! Mining’s a dirty job but someone has to do it!

The RAIDers amoungst you are taking time to replace mouse buttons and bash out head shaped dents in keyboards, before the next major foray. For my money though the real team work this time has come from the Salvagers – You guys must REALLY be in need of new mice by now!

The Explores are raising to the Challenge with ‘Derelicts’ on stage 2 already and ‘Planets’ close to completing stage 1. Meanwhile an INSANE amount of crafting has gone on this last few days with 63 million XP being earned by these valiant efforts. Moving you firmly on to stage THREE of crafting!

Lastly but not least you Mech Slayers! What a MESS you’re making in the Arenas! Clean up on isle 2,3,4 AND 5! me thinks! stage 2 is firmly in hand! Onward brave Mech commanders, pile drive the Pirates into the concrete streets!

My heart felt – Congrats to you all for the efforts so far! But the war is not over, not by a long chalk folks. That’s 12 stages out of a possible 53 in total. Did I mention the fuel target – You have burnt a staggering 1,445,486 units so far. That’s Very close to half way the Fuel Target!

Keep it up valiant Exiles! The Challenge beckons! The Goodie Bag grows!


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