D.I.P.S.I Technology Foundation collection Complete!

In what has been a record breaking event, the players here at Core-Exiles have completed the 6,500 collection that was set up across the five Human Galaxies. The final two collections for Mork and Xellum were completed this afternoon.

Professor Wade is now currently working on creating the Five D.I.P.S.I devices required to attempt to pull his wife Professor Harriet Guildham back into our own reality.

We will be closing the D.I.P.S.I Technology Foundation collection offices shortly.

Once Professor Wade has completed his builds and successfully recovered his wife we will be rewarding all those that took part with their very own D.I.P.S.I Self Leveling special item.

A Big thank you to all those who took part!


P.S as this was completed WAY quicker than we figured a lot of you still have D.I.P.S.I Technology in your ships misc stores. Hold on to them whilst I think up a way for you to ‘make good with them’.

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