Cyberdeck makes a Come back!

Hi there Fellow Exiles, there have been some excellent suggestions coming from the recent ‘Suggest Something New’ thread OVER HERE. If you’ve not checked it out, please do so. If you also have a cool idea you want to bounce off the players and me, please feel free to do so.

One such suggestion caught my eye and I had a thought to kill two birds with one electronic stone, so to speak. Back in July 22 we shuttered the old ‘CyberDeck’ system from CE. It used to allow filtering of missions, but as this was superseded, the Cyberdeck became somewhat mute.

I promised to bring it back but waited for a good suggestion that fit the bill…

Well, such a suggestion created by Fitzbacon, and now we have an active new use for the Cyberdeck.

You can review the Cyberdeck screen from the Navigation screen when at a Jump gate location.

Simply put, the Cyberdeck now supports Six ‘Remote Contract Access’ Devices. These are ‘Specials’. There is one for Each of the Haulage Companies and one for Union. In a nutshell, when you enter a new system, click the Cyberdeck icon, and you can see ALL the contracts * in the system across all the planets and starbases. This means n more docking here, seeing if they have a X Y or Z office and what’s on offer at that time. Now you can sit back, review and filter (suing the new table system) and plan your next major trip.

I must point out that these RCA’s are only able to draw a passive manifest list, you can’t TAKE missions from the cyberdeck view, but you can ‘see’ what’s on offer across the system without even docking. Making the Cyberdeck a VERY useful and time saving tool.

Of course, you have to ‘dock at the locations;’ to grab the missions you spotted, but that’s down to you…

Here’s an Example bio from one of the RCA’s

Remote Contract Access – Sunflowers

Introducing the Remote Contract Access – Sunflowers device, a state-of-the-art technology designed to streamline contract acquisition for space captains. Developed for the renowned Sunflower Starways, this compact device revolutionizes the way captains navigate the vast sea of available contracts within a star system.

The Remote Contract Access – Sunflowers device, often referred to as “RCA,” is a versatile tool that enables captains to effortlessly access a complete and up-to-date list of contracts offered by the Sunflower Starway in their current star system. Once activated, the device taps into the Sunflowers vast database, compiling a comprehensive list tailored to the captain’s Charter Licence level.

This advanced device seamlessly integrates with any ship’s “Specials Slots,” providing easy installation and integration within the ship’s existing systems. However, it does come with a requirement: captains must have reached a minimum level of 10 to activate the device and unlock its full potential. Utilizing the ship’s Cyberdeck, captains can effortlessly access the RCA while stationed at a Jumpgate, making it a convenient and efficient tool for contract management.

Required Level 10

All six of these Devices (Specials) are available over in the CE Store.

Cyberdeck Previous Supporter?

Did you purchase a Cyberdeck add-on way back in the past? Send me (Coops) Your old cyberdeck unit (Trade, Combat, Outlaw) and a PM requesting which one of the Six new ones you want, and I will see it’s added to your account.

To be clear, this offer is to those of you that purchased a CSI with real money in the store in the past. < Just to be clear. Also not valid for the consumable filters.


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