Cyber Systems Opens

ISN News Break:

It seems the rumors were in fact true as the doors opened on two new Cyber Systems stores today. The new High tech gadget store is the brain child of Cori Zullo. She had a long and distinguished career with Wesbec till retiring last year.

Shortly after that several patents were posted for a new series of Cyberdeck System Interfaces or as we call them CSI Units. A clamor of law suits have already began to be lodged at Gal-Fed HQ Legal over the planned use of these CSI units. It seems they are designed to bypass security measures and filter out given galaxies when utilising certain office systems.

Currently they are not illegal to use and the fact that one of the backers of Cyber systems appears to be the Toscani Crime Family we are not so sure this will be settled quickly.

The initial location for these stores has been closely guarded up till today but we can tell you that they are on Zhiann in Palolon & Tricksters Landing in Vesesia. Already the stock value of this store has shot up and we suspect many settlement Captains will be reviewing space for this new store.

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