Custom Agent in major Gaff!

Once again it seems that San Ticlaws is in desperate need of help from the Captains of Core-Exiles. Last year a fire broke out on board and rather than lose the entire cargo the captain ejected the containers into space.

This year an over exuberant newly promoted Customs & Excise agent managed to forget to reconnect the containers securely to the hauler after inspection. As they passed through the jump gate the hauler and containers became separated and the Hauler went one way the containers the other!

The containers have now passed through the Jump Gate network and begun appearing in all the known Galaxies. Unfortunately this means they need to be collected and returned to San Ticlaws as quickly as possible.

To speed up this process San Ticlaws has set up an Office in each Galaxy to collect any of the missing items from captains. But there is a limited time frame, Santa needs to complete his collection by the stroke of Midnight on the 24th of December in time to deliver the festive items to the Children.

Should he get all his presents back he has promised a more than generous Christmas morning Fuel Ticket bonus for all Players!

The following recovery locations now have an Office for handing in San Ticlaws collection.

Starbase-51 – Feris
Casmar station – Blake
Furia Station – Dashan
Coalition 1 – Yam
Berolina – Zarante
Popovich – Trantor

San Ticlaws has this year given his staff the go ahead to offer in return 1,000 XP for each item returned. He has also stated that should he get his entire shipment returned before the cut off date he will reward the entire Game!

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