Credit where its due…

A while back, we added three special ranks to the forums. These were to acknowledge the support we receive from the community here at Core-Exiles. It’s just a small token of respect given to show our appreciation.

These Ranks are as follows:

This indicates that you have shown your support in the Core Exiles Store at some stage in your time with us here.

Patreon VIP
This indicates that at some stage you were a Patreon supporter. (Past or Present)

This one shows that at some time during your time with Core-Exiles you have helped out on a project or support site in some way, perhaps working on the wiki (now Guides Site) or running your own support site.

The ranks are added manually and should show over on the right below your Avatar, looking something like this.


Now, I suspect that I’ve missed adding a number of these ranks to a number of players over the years, and I wanted to offer up a chance for you to come forward and claim your Rank. You don’t have to do it publicly, if you want, just drop me a line here in the forums or in game or via Discord chat (easiest for me) and let me know which one is missing off your forum profile.

Thank you all for your support…


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