Crafting XP – Updated

CE has been around now for a very long time. In that time the goal posts for many ‘Professions’ have moved over. Game resources have increased substantially as have the availability. What’s rare today is likely to be common tomorrow.

Crafting in CE was initially a small thing and has grown and grown and is now closing in on 3,000 Schematics! As with all things CE, from time to time we have to revisit and rebalance things. Recently this was bought to a head and a decision was made to rebalance CE’s Crafting XP.

The crafting matrix for CE and its XP reward was borked to say the least. Well as of today that matrix is linked to the value of the resources in the build.

This affects every single build in the game and will rebalance them. Low level small cost items will reward small level XP, right up and through to the large expensive builds, XP will be rated against the (base) value of resources within.

These types of changes are required to keep CE on an even keel. You and I may not like the change but that does not negate its need.


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