CQC Comes to Planets

OK, well I promised if it all went well we would expand the Close Quarters Combat to planets and today its been rolled out.Now before you all leap into your Buggies a few words..

I have excluded the Expanse ‘for now’. No surprise to most of you that realise the Expanse is not an easy thing to just ‘plonk new code’ on. I will need to see how ground based exploration CQC works out and the balances we have to work on to make it work.

Some of you are already up to 500 + successful CQC’s, increasing your attack cycles and toting around the largest guns currently available. So we need to review the results and also work out a good system for the Expanse. (new bad guys, weapons, armour types and rewards).

I’ve created a slightly modified PRIMER for planet based CQC and you can read it HERE

If your new to Close Quarters Combat it’s a MUST read, if you’ve been blowing bad guys heads off in Derelicts not so much :)

Hopefully this will give those of you exploring Planets a new vice for Halloween – so have a few bad guys on me :)


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