Corporations Arrive

Yesterday saw the release of ‘Corporations’ to Core-Exiles. These have been in the wings for a few years now waiting for the right time to be released. Yesterday was that day 🙂

Corporations enable any player level 25 and above to create and run their own business inside the game of Core-Exiles. Open offices, hire crew, transfer ships to your corp and open contractual offices with new companies.

Skill your crew, choose the ship load outs and begin forging a corporation name to be remembered!  The new Corporation system will bring a new lease of life to low and mid level items with corps always on the look out to kit out their new crew and ships.

As corporations level they will gain access to new research options which in turn expands their horizons.

Of course there is a health dose of crafting along with the new addition and this will keep the crafters of CE busy for quite some time as they start to ramp up production of the Fusion Reactors and Contract offices first required. Then on to Research buildings and many more to follow.

It’s early days but corporations will begin to add a great sideline occupation in CE and allow us to expand in ways players may not even have thought of yet 🙂

Finally, a word of friendly warning. Corps are not for everyone and they will burn a hole in your pocket and eat up your Fuel Depot Fuel, but if you’re up for a challenge then look no further!

Happy Hunting



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  1. Walhabie says:

    Very excited for this addition. Always thought it would be fun to employ crew to do jobs for you from a base of operations that you own and grow over time. It is all that and more. Pick a crew with a profession you want your corporation to do and away you go. Alright so it isn’t just that simple but that is what is so exciting about the game in general… nothing is simple and easy – it forces you to think and participate in the game and community!!

    Love, love this great game!

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