Corporation – Manufacturing Facility Arrives

In an effort to show you we are serious about the Corporations and it’s shelf life as an add-on for core-Exiles, today I have added to Live the Corporation – Manufacturing Facility. This is a facility building that can be placed AT LEVEL 3.

Yes I’m aware none of you are Level 3 yet, but some are 2 and heading for three with gusto :)

The Manufacturing Facility once placed requires a corporate CREW member to run it. You can assign any crew member not currently assigned to a Ship but it would be wise to assign one with +5 in Manufacturing.

The Manufacturing Facility facility itself COMES WITH a set of Project Plans to manufacture the first THREE Corporate Ship Engines. These are improvements over your standard Corporate engine fitted to each ship when arriving at your Corp HQ.

After that you will need to RESEARCH MORE PLANS. Each level of research will unlock more Project Plans for the Manufacturing Facility. The facility is designed to manufacture things like Corporate Engines, Pods and Specials (you will get access to these as you level and research other topics).

Resources and Storage – All corporate Project plans built using a Manufacturing Facility use resources from the LOCAL CS and deposit the completed items in to your Corporate Store.

Corporate Engines
This is the first time in OVER ten years that we have allowed an ENGINE to manually replaced by a player. Albeit a Corporate engine on a Corporate ship. These entry level engines will give your new crew a better chance and a boost both to energy and secondary stats.

You will need to (sadly) strip any energy using items from your ship and you WONT be allowed to take contracts without an engine fitted.

I wont spoil to much of this one for you other than to say Aim for Level three and then unlock another avenue for your Corporation.

And before anyone asks – NO these engines cannot be used on YOUR Ship :)


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