Corporation – Fuel Refinery

Some of you are about to level up to level 2 on your Corporations (Congrats a lots of work to get there so well done). You will have already been placing Research Facilities and some are close to their first research breakthrough!

So I thought I’d outline an addition your going to run into shortly – The Corporation – Fuel Refinery.

This is a building deployed on your Corporation Facilities screen. Specially designed from the ground up, this is a revolutionary refinery. Initially this system will create 6 units of Fuel per 15 minute Tick. This fuel is then deposited directly into your Fuel Depot.

There is a LIMIT of ONE Fuel Refinery across your entire Corp at any one time.

Once you level your Corp to Level 2 you will be able to deploy this Refinery AND also begin researching Extra fuel rewards from it. There is a theoretical maximum of 15 Fuel per tick giving a carp a boost of 10,080 fuel per week towards its running costs.

Remember you can ONLY deploy ONE of these across your Corporation Network at any one time. It can be removed but you will miss out on fuel generation once removed.


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