Core Exiles Olympic Festivities 2014

Core Exiles Olympic Festivities 2014

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics start tomorrow, and as per usual we have been hammering away in the depths to bring you some Olympic fun this year. We may even have gone a little over board but hey, its all for good fun.

We have two primary elements as we did during the last Olympics, these will be the Collection of Olympic Token Sets and also the extra collection and hand-ins of Olympic Beacons. We have revamped the prizes this year and are also attaching a Top 10 prize to the beacon hand in.

You will begin to see (After 10.00 PM tomorrow) two new forms of Loot. These will be an Olympic Beacon and 26 Olympic Tokens. The tokens represent the countries YOU nominated. We have decided to allow India as there seems to be some politics going on with their entry into the games but I have set their flag to the independent Flag as Sochi is not displaying an Indian Flag.

Olympic Beacons
The beacons have been being seeded this week in preparation for the games and come tomorrow morning we will activate these beacons. This means they will begin to appear in loot. Your task is to collect them. Each one is worth 1,000 XP and 5,000 Credits when handed in at an Olympic Center. (See below).

Handing in the Beacons is simple but you will need to decide which Team / Country to support when handing them in.

Note: You can only hand in one at a time and the beacons will SELF TERMINATE at 4:01 PM on the 24th of February making them useless to hoard. They are for helping your country win and collecting a XP and credits whilst doing it.

Beacon Prize:
This year we will also be awarding prizes to the Top 10 captains that deposit beacons. The top 10 will be able to choose from the following :

  • An Emporium +25 Stock Upgrade
  • An Emporium Advertising License
  • 2 X Emporium Licenses

The above items can be donated to fellow players if you so wish.

CE Olympic Tokens – Collection
The Tokens are worth 10 Festive Points each and can be traded in at the Festive center if you so wish. They CAN also be traded should you wish. This is because there is a special prize for collecting an entire set of 26.

You can hand in an ‘entire collection’ (one of Each Token) at the Olympic Centers. Simply click the Check Token button and the staff will check you have the correct Tokens. If correct the Tokens will be removed from your store and you will be awarded the following Prize.

500 Sven Points + 500 Festive Points
1 X Emporium License
1 X Sochi Device

The Sochi Device was designed especially for this event and will not be available any where else and is non transferable, so you need to collect your tokens and hand them in personally!

The device is unique in that it will level up with you. Increasing its affects as you hit key levels. Search out the device in the CEDR under Pods for more information.

Please note: You may only hand in ONE full set of Tokens for the rewards. After that the Check Token option will reject any further tries.

CE Sochi Olympic Dates
The CE Sochi Olympics will begin at 10:00 AM Friday the 7th when the Beacons will activate for loot and you will begin finding CE Olympic Tokens. The games will END at 4.00 PM on 23rd (Game Time). Olympic Loot will stop appearing at that time.

Olympic Beacons will self terminate and disappear from your Inventories at 4.01 PM on the 24th February. That gives you an extra 24 hours to hand in any final beacons.

Flag Set Hand in Expire
The Olympic Offices will remain open until 4.00 PM on the 2nd of March for any last minute Token Set hand ins.

Olympic Center Locations – Now Open

Darius – Ethan
Pyragles Base – Gainsboro
Yeltsim – Franklyn
Zwanziq Station – Sunrise

Sabian – Yam
Yonartthakr – Tantas

The Forge
Berolina – Zarante

Fujimori – Trantor

Edna – Mostony
Otaio – Oengo
Habitat-87 – Elmquae

ARK-09 – Aurelia
Starbase-140 – Kirzhach
Janus Station – Metri
Trade Hub 59 – Pevek
Lucious Port – Blake

Happy Hunting and may the best country win!

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