Core Exiles Christmas Party

Tomorrow (1st December) I will start rolling out a whole slew of Christmas festive activities. One of these I’m posting about today so that you get to read and digest what it’s about and what it’s for…

Back in 2016 we ran this, and I thought it worth brining out again this year. It will run alongside all the other collections and festive bits but completes on the morning of the 25th.

Core Exiles Christmas Party
We will be running a week-long Party from the morning of the 25th through till midnight on the 1st January. By party I mean daily giveaways, daily draws for prizes and a week-long Staff VS player Mech Stomp.

But…. First we need to collect a bunch of party resources together. So we will be opening tomorrow the ‘Core Exiles Christmas Party‘ Offices. These will be in each of the main Galaxies and require several stages of resources. You may deposit resources towards the party and you will be paid in credits and XP.

Now this also has a ‘Rewards’ element to it and this is the important bit.

I’d like EVERYONE to get a go at this one. I know MANY of you older and richer captains out there have a SHEDLOAD of resources you can drop on this, but I’m ASKING you to show restraint, and please allow everyone from level 1 to 191 to take part. Furthermore, I have set up tracking of depositors and your levels, and I’m going to award prizes from the following levels :


So no matter what level you are, I will award prizes based on your level. NOT on how much you deposited, this is not a spring activity to fill the party requirements, it’s an activity for all to take part in :)

So drop resources (from your ship’s hold) to the Party collector, gather XP and credits and come the 25th I will start to award prizes drawn at random from the Levels Above. Take part to be eligible to be drawn!

Everyone that takes part ALSO gets a special Prize so no one looses out!


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