Core Exiles 1,000,000,000

Well you all did it. With CE now in its Eleventh year and since records began the joint efforts of all players have now passed the 1 Billion fuel mark! We are now this morning sat on Fuel Burnt: 1,000,129,532

That’s a massive achievement for a small browser game with such a small dedicated community, but you did it. In fact since my post mid day on Friday you managed to burn an additional 291,899 units lol.

I was wondering what to do with such a special occasion, and as this had snuck up on me I was left slightly unprepared. But I figured we would kick off the Celebrations (oh yes there will be Celebrations) with a Reward of a ‘Christmas Token To All active accounts on the Server today as of this post.

Now you may be wondering:

A: What is a Christmas Token (READ HERE)
B: Coops that’s nice but I cant spend it it till December!


You will find that the Christmas Token Hand-in is NOW Active. You can find the ‘Christmas R.T.S’ link on your left hand in game ‘CE Guides’ Tab.

I will be Adding the Extra Token to Each active account on the Server shortly. Currently I’ve left the Tokens at the Value from last years Special Coops Challenge level of 3,000,000 credits!

This is stage 1 of a series of Celebrations but I figured it would be a great reward for such a massive goal!

The Hand-in for the Tokens will remain open till Midnight on the 3rd of September at that time it will close once more. Any Tokens remaining on your account will remain there till the 1st of December.



  1. falconner says:

    1 billion fuel burnt, goes to show how much people who play CE like the game!
    So many things to do you cant shake a hat at 🙂
    A game with goals you decide,a game that allows you to play,the way you want to.

  2. Bullwyf says:

    I started playing this game in 2010. I keep playing it for a reason and it is that there is so much to do among others(community is awesome as well). The billion fuel burned is a pretty awesome achievement and I look forward to helping burn a billion more! There is something to do for everyone. There are so many options for any style of play. I highly recommend getting in on some Core Exiles ASAP! See ya ingame.

  3. Bethany says:

    This is a game worth playing.

  4. Gorkus says:

    A billion fuel spent is real testament to the longevity of this game. I’ve played for 8 months and continue to uncover new things to do. The depth and breadth of CE is remarkable. It wouldn’t surprise me if the next milestone was a billion lines of code.

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