Coops Upgrade Tokens

OK, so you’re all collecting Festive Pumpkins at the moment, some for the Coops Collection and some for the Halloween Pods from the Halloween Exchange, but now something New!

In the next 24 hours, you will begin to see a new ‘Coops Upgrade Token‘ appear in the festive hand out.

Whats it for Coops?
I’m glad you asked.  Collect 50 of these and send them to ME ‘Coops‘ – Then follow the instructions Below. Please READ the instructions as this not something I’m going to keep repeating or keep pointing at over the next few weeks. So read, digest and Follow…

The tokens (50 collected and sent to Coops) entitle the sender to a Free Upgrade on any of the following items :

Ship-Based Items

Cargo Expanders (ONLY CARGO)

Items cannot be from the Research Academy as they MUST be transferable.

Select the item FROM YOUR SHIPS STORE – SEND IT TO ME ‘COOPS’ ensuring you have also sent me the Coops Upgrade Tokens first. I will then add an Festive Bonus to the item and send it back to you.

Bonuses will vary based on the item and level. But you won’t be disappointed.

The item returned to you will be a CONVERTED (renamed) UNIQUE Item. It will perform the same as normal just boosted. Call it a Coops BOB upgrade if you like!

Questions & Answers
1: Is this offer limited to just one item? – No, Collect as many tokens as you can (swap/trade them) and for EACH 50 I will upgrade an item from the list above.
2: Can I get you to upgrade it more than once – No lol.
3: So i just send you 50 tokens and then the item and you upgrade it randomly – Yes, please don’t ask for XYZ upgrade.
4: Where should I drop the tokens and the item – Anywhere is good
5: Should I drop you a line to let you know – Yes to save me time and energy feel free to send me a PM letting me know you have dropped off the Tokens and Item (by name)
6: Will you upgrade an Alien Item – Yes

Lastly – PLEASE PLEASE READ Above before blindly sending me items NOT covered in that list. Please read the Q&A’s so I don’t spend precious time answering or sending you back here to get your answer.

Your item will have a random upgrade added to it based on its type. Please do not send me PM’s asking for a specific upgrade.

This offer (trade in upgrade) expires on the 1st of January 14:00

Coops Upgrade Tokens will be disseminated through festive loot through October, November and December. Any remaining unused tokens will remain on accounts till the next period they become active.


For those that wish to Support Core-Exiles you may Purchase Packs of 50 Tokens from the CE Store. This is just for support and what you do with the tokens is up to you use them, trade them barter them etc. You can purchase the tokens HERE


  1. Fitzbacon says:

    Quite apart from the fantastic game, player base, and general all round fun, collecting these sorts of things are a big reason to keep playing. To essentially get something for free, for just playing is wonderful.
    Thank you Coops

  2. Bthry says:

    Especially for newbies (like me) free upgrades are extremely useful without making the game too easy. CE is very challenging and so it should.

  3. Falkenburg says:

    Congratulations on making a game that not only has depth but also on building a cooperative community in the game.
    It is nice not to make war on each other. I doubt very many games can claim that.
    Have you ever thought of changing your handle from Coops to Co-ops? 😉

  4. Pablem says:

    This competition highlights how involved the Dev is in keeping this game up to date and constantly evolving.
    You’ve just found the game that will keep you interested and involved for years to come.

  5. LocutusBorg says:

    I have over 2 months to gather all 50… And all I have to do is… play a great game in my regular way. That is nice 🙂

  6. Samudra says:

    I still use my old upgraded expander. Decent capacity with low energy req, good for fighting-salvaging combo set up.

  7. Namie says:

    This is cool. Last token event i have failed, i hope i can get one upgrade for my expander this time.
    Thanks for this token upgrade feature Coops!

  8. Korthen says:

    Yahoo!! Another great feature returns. Just one example of the things we get from Coops. Keep it up Coops,

  9. Yogan says:

    Happy to see this back, the last time we had a Coops upgrade the outcomes were awesome.

  10. Joe Bishop says:

    This is another example of the developer giving back to the players of this game. In many other games, you have to pay to get special equipment. Not in CE, all you have to do is play!!! Thank you Coops for all you put into this game and community.

    Cpt. Bishop

  11. Thomas101 says:

    I think it is a very good Idea to have the upgrade Tokens.Collect 50 and you get a free upgrade.

  12. Thomas101 says:

    I think it is a very good Idea to have the upgrade tokens.

  13. Lost Queen says:

    : )

    This is a great thing. I’ve seen some of the upgraded items from last year, and so far, not a turkey in the bunch.
    I’d also like to point out, unlike many of the festive items, these tokens remain, so you can collect a few this year and maybe, finish the collection during next year’s holiday season.

    : )

  14. paco1601 says:

    i am very happy for this event: a free upgrade of a ship item, last year I did it and received an item with a less energy request, useful !!

    thx Coops

  15. BazingaSru says:

    Hello! 🙂
    It is very nice add-on. Even if I gather only ONE for now, I am very interested what are those bonuses…
    So 49 tokens to go and I will find out 😛
    So when I will gather all of them, I will be at good level and will have some fancy staff which will be good enought to put those tokens on it 😉

    Thank you Coops!

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