Coops Upgrade Tokens – Automated

Over the years I have run festive upgrade sessions where with enough ‘tokens’ you could pass me items to upgrade. This was cumbersome and long-winded for me personally and lead to long delays between hand in’s and waiting for the ‘converted / Upgraded’ end item.

Well no more…

I bring you the ‘Dev Revision Upgrades’ Office. This office has been designed to offer a very similar service that I offered, the difference is it runs all year round and does not require my input or time 🙂 There is a short delay (few minutes) whilst the system identifies and works its magic on your selected item and then hands it back.

The store will automatically filter out any items that are not possible to upgrade. Thus, anything you see in the lists / sections in the store should be fair game for an upgrade. Simply choose the item and select it for upgrade. Review that you choose the correct items and read the warnings.

Each item you wish to upgrade has a cost of 30 Coops Upgrade Tokens.

All items including the Upgrade tokens must be in your Secure Store.

Once the Upgrade process has begun, you will have to wait for a few minutes. The cycle runs every 30 seconds but can only process 1 item at a time, so depending on how many are in the queue this may take a few minutes before your item is completed. Once completed, you will receive a private message informing you of the completion.

The final item will be placed directly into your Ships Store for you to review there and then.

One really nice change to this process is that the Dev Revision Upgrade office WILL accept Research Academy Upgraded items. These were off limits before as they were not transferrable. Now you can dust off those items and start trying your luck at an upgrade.

WARNING: Once an item has been upgraded, it is account locked. It cannot be traded or sold to another player or alt. Most of these new items will have a cash trade in value or alternatively all of them has a Sub-Mol schematic and can be reversed back in to some base elements.

Upgrades are within a range. Each value affected is done so at random based on the ranges available. But you should expect to get somewhere between 9-13%. BUT it is based on good old RND so be forwarned. Although no item placed in the upgrade system will come out worse off, but some will be better than others. Power requirements will be lowered along with skill requirements, and the item’s base affect will be raised.

The Dev Revisions Upgrades Stores are now available for players to add to their Settlements. You will need a level 5+ Settlement for the option to appear, but these are now open for grabs. For those who don’t have a settlement and don’t mind the jaunt, I have placed one on Starbase 51 in Feris.


P.S You can always add a Dev Revision Upgrades store to your own Settlement (Level 5+)
P.P.S Got Olympic Tokens you want to trade for Coops Upgrade Tokens ? Read OVER HERE

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