Coops Challenges


This is a Primer Guide and as such is not a full manual or instruction set on ‘how too’ but it is enough to familiarise you with the idea and how the ‘Coops Challenge’ Works.

Coops Challenges will be held from time to time each year. The first one is this April and will run for two weeks. During this time the entire server (players) need to work together to complete as many stages of the Coops Challenge as possible within the time frame.

There are 33 Challenges in total broken down into 11 Categories.

Ashar Freight Deliveries
Wesbec Freight Deliveries
Valoren Freight Deliveries
Union Passenger Deliveries
Total Ships Destroyed
A.I Ships Destroyed
Alien Ships Destroyed
Wrecks Salvaged
F.O.M Missions Complete
Total Ore’s Mined
Total RAID’s destroyed

Over time the list may change slightly from Challenge to Challenge but the list above is accurate for the initial April Challenge. Each section within the challenge has THREE stages. You will need to work together as a server to complete as many stages as you can.

As each stage is completed the next stage is activated along with a 500 Fuel addition to a Global Fuel Reward. Therefore complete all 33 stages and you will be awarded a Global 16,500 Fuel Ticket EACH.

Along with the Fuel Ticket reward for each Stage completed I will also award a 30% XP Booster & 100 Festive Points.

So complete ALL 33 Stages of the challenge and you could be in for 16,500 Fuel Ticket, 33 X 30% XP boosters and 3,300 Festive Points.

Once the initial Coops Challenge begins you will be able to monitor the Server Wide progress through a page accessible both in and out of game. This URL will be made available at that time.

Prizes for stages completed will be awarded to the Server (accounts active on the server at that time) shortly after the final whistle for the competition.



  1. Thorgil says:

    I did not participate, It sounds funny, next time i will

  2. PrimeMcNee says:

    This was a great Challenge. And thanks to Coops and the Community we all won a 16500 Fuel Bonus!

    CE Rocks!

  3. Sparky says:

    Love it all Coops!
    Keep up the good work.
    We cannot manage life without our Core addiction!
    At least I am honest!

  4. Squirt says:

    This is a new and rather fun challenge. Wonder if we’ll complete all of them?

  5. Oxynotus Dahl says:

    Great idea.

    Nice challenge.and teamwork. It benefits everyone

    Count me in

  6. FishON says:

    I do some of this challenges on a daily basis. I might be able to help without me noticing it. good luck to all of us.

  7. Delandra says:

    freebies for doing the things we love! awesome!

    hauling cargo, killing pirates, AI and Aliens and salvaging the wrecks.. a day at the office for us Exiles..

    join in on the fun and we will all prosper 🙂


  8. Xanid says:

    Great addition…..time to get to work!

  9. Xanid says:

    I love challenges! Added fun to an already awesome game!

  10. Diarri says:

    Sounds great. I’m very excited about the challenges. Let’s see how well we’ll manage 🙂

  11. Dragon says:

    Count me in-sounds like fun and work together… 🙂

  12. Renfield says:

    Pirates are getting the short end of this competition. We can’t help on the hauling or RAID killing challenges.
    I suppose it is a good thing there are not that many of us.

    I am looking forward to killing ships and I suppose I will mine and push passengers and salvage a few of the kills. Maybe Outlaw Services can contract with Wesbec to count their numbers towards the same challenge.

  13. fjiekie says:

    potential new players: now is the time to sign up, since you will be getting a lot of freebies very soon!

  14. Jarra says:

    Been here for just a few weeks and I’m hooked. Events are just the icing. Good going and thanks.

  15. jager 602 says:

    Fuel, xp boosters, and festive points?! Count me in 🙂

  16. Elkhorn says:

    Here is just another example of what an outstanding game should be. What can I do for my player base? Not…How can I get more money out of my player base.
    Way to go Coops!

  17. MalcolmR says:

    This sounds like a cool event, everyone working together to benefit us all. Hopefully we can all pull together and complete all 33 missions.

  18. SpaceBucks says:

    This is very creative Coops! I like the idea of all of us working together again for a common cause that does not necessarily requiring killing things. BRAVO!

  19. PaleRider says:

    Looking forward to this event! maybe I’ll be able to take part in a raid or two. 🙂

  20. king david says:

    wow that’s awesome,

    I cant wait to participate, it really sounds like exactly what we need.

  21. Zoorland says:

    33 challenge stages in only two weeks? My goodness! After our failure to complete the Christmas hand-in I don’t hold out much hope for our ultimate success here, but I do look forward to making a run at it.

    I wonder about how you’ll actually set up the FOM and to some extent the Ashar/Wesbec/Valoren challenges, as if it’s actually just missions completed rather than total Mission Ore located / cargo moved then… there’s a pretty obvious way to take advantage of the system. :/

  22. Alumoi says:

    Nice, let me at them 😛

  23. Korth says:

    Sounds like I’ll be doing a lot of hauling. Making $ and getting fuel!!. Good work Coops.

  24. Holiday says:

    Can’t wait to get this started, should make for some interesting game play trying to hit these levels…just wonder how evil the dev gods will be with the amount per level. 🙂

  25. aRJay says:

    Very Interesting…… But nothing it is interesting and great and sounds like we are all going to have fun.

  26. XPLODE says:

    I knew i should have gotten a festive trinket earlier, all those delicious points i can’t double up on.

    Oh well, i’ll just sulk in my cabin.

  27. Isabella says:

    wow Coops – sounds great – thanks

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