Coops Challenge Complete

As per the title of this post you can tell that not only is the Coops Challenge now Closed it is COMPLETE! Seems there was a surge of activity yesterday that bought the final Goals into submission.

Congrats to ALL of you that took part and to those of you just joining us Look Up Coops Challenge, ask a fellow player or why not take five and READ THIS THREAD. Regardless, the server pulled together and completed my initial 33 Challenges. It was close but you did it with a morning to spare :)

I will be sending out the rewards shortly and then you will find the Coops Challenge Link in the left hand Tab will disappear until the next challenge.

The rewards for this Coops Challenge are :

16,500 Fuel Ticket
3,300 Festive Points
33 X 30% XP Boosters

These rewards will be added to everyone with an active account on the server.

I’ve already got a few ideas for some new goals to add to the next Coops Challenge which should give more players a chance to join in. But until the next time Congrats to Everyone!


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  1. falconner says:

    I somehow didn’t think we’d complete all 33 challenges, but cheers that we did.
    This kind of challenge adds a further element of fun into activities. =d

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