Coops Challenge Coming Soon!

Coops Challenge 15th of November – 1st December

We are approaching that time of year where we pull out the stops and gear up for December. One of the things that become customary is that I give you a Coops Challenge in November. This runs a dual task, not only allowing you to create a massive pile of Goodies to enter into December with but also to drive up the Value of the Christmas Resource Token.

Its standard Value is 250,000. For the last few years, you’ve completed enough fo the Stages to drive the value up to 3 Million Per Token! What will you manage this year? We now have more challenge stages so there is every chance you may drive it OVER 3 Million, who can say?

So the 10th Coops Challenge will start on the 15th of November at 11:00 AM and run through till the closing whistle on the 1st of December at 14:00

Christmas Token Boost

For Each Challenge level achieved I will add 75,000 Credits to the Value of a Christmas Reward Token! So the more challenges you complete the more the Christmas Reward Tokens will be valued at come December the 1st!

You’ll need to work together and work hard to get all the challenges done in time, but at 75K per stage completed you still win a massive boost to the Tokens come December the 1st!

I will announce more details about the Challenge and goodies ect as we get closer to the time.



  1. paco1601 says:

    oh, another Coops Challenge …
    very good, let’s go to play all day long

  2. Captain Sylven says:

    Yes, challenges are my favorites the number 1 stuff at Core exiles.

  3. Wannabekilla says:

    Didnt have much time to play last one so i cant wait for this one!!!

  4. Albatross says:

    OMG going to save fuel and absolutely no more salvaging before the challenge. But wait… the guild needs QMG Biologicals for the starbase, I can’t stop salvaging!

    I’ll just have to turn in all the festive tokens and shout for fuel (and of course vote for it). I’ll breathe nothing but Rexx F02 Coffee oxygen until this is over.

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