Coops 11th Challenge!

Coops Challenge 16th of March – 1st April

It’s that time again Folks! Challenge Time!

I asked in the forums for feedback on another Challenge, and I recvived a resounding ‘Hell Yes Coops’ So your wish is my command. I’ll be running my 11th Coops Challenge for the last two weeks of March.

So the 11th Coops Challenge will start on the 16th of March 11:00 AM  and run through till the closing whistle on the 1st of April at 14:00.

This will be another full blown challenge including collections. Mech War targets and of course the mass challenge stages!

I will announce more details about the Challenge and goodies ect as we get closer to the time.



  1. Albatross says:

    challenges are great… but hard on real life, like family, jobs, meals, sometimes sleep.

    Priorities change when there’s a deadline with great prizes and one captain can make a difference. My favorite is the Raids and Raid salvage. yummm goodies

  2. Kangaroo says:

    The challenges are great. Love the extra fuel * of course * but the best is having players work together to finish the challenges.
    OPHELIA get away from my fuel tank!

  3. falconner says:

    That’s the 11th challenge done and it was a blast too!
    I love the coops challenges when they pop around and look forward to them a llot.
    In the challenges all the players together try to complete server goals for different activities set by coops and believe it, its full of fun.
    You can push the challenge along by doing what you would normaally anyway, and have others besides you doing the same, fun stuff.
    I specially like the mech fights against the pirate captains (npcs) and the greedy wolf mechs yummy rewards 😀

  4. Mateo Umia says:

    I’m still pretty new but I’m loving the fact that I see a long history of exciting events and activities for the community to do. It’s great to see the dev team really engaging the community. Often game communities die out after a few years but this community has been strong for over a decade! Now that’s saying something.

  5. Geistware says:

    The Coop’s Challenges show the teamwork that can be accomplished in a community supported game without taking advantage of another player (PvP). All and any participation is welcomed and appreciated.

  6. Jitel says:

    Hey hey, this is something nice to hear. The first Coops challenge in which I can participate.
    In fact, already from the moment I started playing, I realized that I would stay here for a long time. This is really the game that I like in everything. I like space based games, and when I found out about CE, I went there to try.
    And I found a wonderful game, with an interesting gameplay, and, most importantly, with a great community of players who are ready to help at any time.
    I would like to thank everyone who participates in the creation and support of this game. Thank you for your hard work and for the game that we have now.

  7. Ophelia says:

    Jumps up and down in excitement, high-fives the AI and knocks him through the window and crashes into the docking bay. Uh-oh, that’s another hefty repair bill and a letter from Gal-Fed about a refresher piloting course 😀

    Thank you Coops! We all love a challenge 🙂

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