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Hi there Folks, Gus Givens here bringing you the latest financial scoop that’s shaken the Galactic banking system to it’s core! In a news conference given just a short while ago, the lead financial officer of the Commercial Storage company made a brief statement. He announced the immediate sale of the ‘Commercial Store Holdings division’ to the Xavier Foundation.

In the last few months it had been rumoured that the Commercial Store was in financial straits. With their poor management strategies, high salary bonuses to top tier management, and general mishandling of company funds. This lead to a recent investigation by the financial backers ending in an emergency meeting yesterday.

At that meeting Xavier Cruise, the founder of the Xavier Foundation was seen to be in attendance. It’s now become clear that the foundation made a purchase bid for the Commercial Storage Holdings company and was successful.

Mr Cruise made a brief statement announcing that business for the Commercial Store would go on as usual. No one need worry about their stored resources and that all the Commercial Store staff were secure in their employment. A surprise part of his short speech covered that from today the Commercial Store was abolishing its charges for items stored within their secure facilities.

So there you have it, if you have items stored within the Commercial Store, fear not they are safe, and as a real fat bonus now stored for free!

Gus Givens
ISN News

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