Combat updates and Lutac Quire

Hey folks, Gus Givens here with news on an update on combat for all you bounty hunters and privateers out there.

As the AI has been encroaching on more and more human colonies, the Coalition has been looking to modernise all aspects of star ship based combat systems to give captains of all stripes the best possible edge against the encroaching menace, recently this has taken the form of a patch to the nearly decade old post combat loot scanning and tractoring software.

The new 2.1 combat scanning patch, or loot patch as its being colloquially referred to, is much more efficient at processing data from previously unused electromagnetic spectrums, allowing for it to identify up to five individual items instead of the standard three.
The system also uses a novel method to allow for a limited number of rescans, all ships have a small amount of energy reserved in their subsystems for the launch of drones and as the catalysing agent in the overloading of energy matrixes used in the recharging of shields in combat. By rerouting any remaining energy from these systems after combat, scanners can now use a small energy pulse to rescan specific items, if captains feel that the original scans may have only returned sub optimal resources.

The 2.1 patch has also added a whole slew of new individual items from across the galaxies that were previously uncategorised, including several pieces of technology retrievable from AI vessels which were previously rated highly illegal due to the possibility that they could carry harmful AI viruses, however with a new automatic quarantine and software scrubbing algorithm programmed into ship’s on board tractor beams, these items have now been rated safe to trade and transport and I understand many scientists and engineers are eager to examine them in more detail.

Also in related news, Lt Lutac Quire over at Port Ross in Franklyn has renewed his requests for items to study in the development of new hybrid expanse technology for use in expanse settlements, while he and his team have made gradual headway with a Naristro liaison team which has resulted in numerous new advances and developments in the form of basic settlement buildings. However, Lutac and his team feel with more investment that they can make even further headway and push on more with the advancement of these technologies, developing more powerful and complex technologies as they continue.

Well that’s all folks, have a great day and stay tuned for more ISN updates.

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  1. Zoorland says:

    Dag nabbit, Lutac! I had just started to rebuild my Crystal collection. *sigh* Good bye, my shinies. You go to a better cause… 🙁

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