Combat Update

With all the new artwork replacing the old dated art in Core-Exiles it has fallen to the Combat element next. This one took some time as it required over 5,000 new images created and processing them, linking up with their Database entries.

If you’ve been doing combat in the last week or so you would have started to see these new images as I worked my way through the database 1 ship at a time, :) I need new eyeballs and fingers after this last week.

But I also figured we might as well make combat slightly more engaging, IE being able to see what you’re shooting whilst do so… :)

So I have just flicked a switch in the DB for all the players who are NOT flagged as VI / Blind. This means that when you next enter combat, you will see a change to the combat screen. A new header, content and footer is now displayed. Don’t worry the combat is exactly the same code it’s just gotten a slight update to make it more interesting.

Now… a few things…

First – before I get a 101 PM’s and emails…. You CAN toggle back to the old combat and inversely if those flagged as VI / Blind want to try the new screen you can also toggle to use it. You may toggle back and forth as you wish. The toggle is in the player Bio next to the VI / Blind toggle in the bottom of that screen.

Secondly, you will note a new Footer! both in the old and in the new Combat…

Combat Contracts
These are different to the normal Combat Missions that you can pick up from offices. Those rely on you killing X ship Y types at a given specific location. This new system is on top of that and is designed to make combat a more profitable and worthwhile activity.

For the non pirate aligned, you will be able (shortly) to locate new NPC’s that based on your Rapport Level offer you Pirate Combat Contracts. For the Pirates amongst you, your NPC’s will offer suitable contacts.

The idea here is that the higher your Rapport Level, the better the Contract offered. Whilst the contract is active you will receive a Bonus to Each Kill in the form of more XP and Credits and when the total kill amount has been completed and handed in you will receive a Fat Credit and XP reward.

I’m currently creating these NPC’s so they are not active right now, but the footer feeds off live data so as soon as I release them, and you collect a contract that data will show in the combat screen.

Combat Missions
I’m currently looking at the viability of displaying if the current ship in combat is part of a military mission you might have active (same as how we now show an Asterix on the scan screen). If I get that working, I’ll let you know.

Final Words : Sadly, not everyone out there playing CE has a lovely monitor or the ability to display at least 1080 deep screens. The new combat screen is of course deeper than the old one due to the header and footer, and may mean that you’ll have to choose between scrolling or moving back to the old combat screen.

As I say, mileage will vary based on your screen resolution. To be able to see the entire combat screen without scrolling at 100% scaling, you’re looking at 1024px deep. If you can’t see the bottom of the screen, choosing to scroll or move back will be your options. The option is there.

I HAVE added the footer to both the new and old combat screen and regardless of either you will see the new artwork when using ‘View’ from scan and on the Kill screen after combat concludes.

I hope you all enjoy this update – it’s taken a while but really makes combat a little bit more fun and once I release the new Combat Contract NPC’s a lot more profitable :)


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