Combat Nano Repair + Nano Retrieval Service

Ever since we first created combat, we have always used E.B.K’s to repair ships and shields. They have been a few alternatives that some use once in a while Nano Repair Constructors, TW-NRC and Hunter Repair Systems. But let’s face it most of you still use E.B.K’s, to that end many of you have 1000’s of them stashed away in your stores.

Well after a recent long period doing combat for the testing of the new Salvage screen I struck upon an idea. Now this is mostly aimed at the more serious combat pilot and if you just dabble and are happy choosing EBK’s and applying them that’s fine.

I bring you…

Combat Nano Repair Unit: This is a ‘special’ and thus needs a special slot to operate. When fitted, it allows you to access a new method of combat repair using nano repair capsules. The process is a two part system. Fit the Combat Nano Repair Unit and activate from the repair screen. Rather than having to look at your damage and select a roughly equal repair EBK you can simply fire the Combat Nano Repair Unit repair spanner (showing on the repair screen).

Errr coops, that sounds too easy… What’s the catch ?

On the repair screen, you will see a new bar at the top. This lists the total damage to your ship (including shields) then how MANY Nano Repair Capsules you have on hand. It also designates if you have the Combat Nano Repair Unit fitted and ready for operation.

Ahhh there’s the catch….!

I bring you the 2nd half of this new update…

Nano Retrieval Service: This is a new service that can process those stacks of EBK’s you have and retrieve the nano repair capsules within them. These are then placed in a pool, ready for you to use any time you want to activate the Combat Nano Repair Unit. The conversion rate is initially 50% so converting a stack of say 100 E.B.K Booster Kit (Hull) Level 1 you will receive 20,000 Nano Repair Capsules.

So a two part system, first convert some of your spare EBK’s in to Nano Capsules. Then fit the Combat Nano Repair Unit (special) and access the repair screen. Now rather than selecting EBK after EBK you can simply hit a single ‘Repair Icon’ and hey presto through the miracle of nano repair not only Hull and Armour is repaired, but your shields will also be replenished.

This repair system will be a godsend for those who do combat full time or even just dabble from time to time, and have we considered the speed at which you can return to RAID combat ?

The Nano Retrieval Service allows you to place ‘contract stacks’ of your choosing in size. But processes each contract once every 10 minutes, taking 100 units of EBK’s and retrieving the nano capsules within. They keep any other elements they manage to retrieve during the process as their payment. So technically no fund change hands.

You can place as many contracts with them as you wish, drop them off and forget about them. All retrieved Nano Capsules are added to your account and are available automatically to use when at the Repair Screen.

The Combat Nano Repair Unit can be located in the CE Official Store.

The Nano Retrieval Service can be added to any settlement (Level 3+) or Starbase as a promenade contracted Service, I will drop a few around to get you started.

Have fun out there and Stay Safe!



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