Combat Missions – Get some…

With the addition of the new Table view to the game, it makes sense to expand it to a few other areas of the game. One of those is things like Combat Offices. I have been working away for the last few days (Yes, whilst monitoring and tweaking Haulage) on converting the Gal-Fed office to the new view.
Don’t worry, I will convert the others next.

Along the way I also made some slight tweaks to make Combat Missions more ‘easy to get and easy to complete’ plus a raise in the overall rewards.

First off, the Office view now leads itself very nicely to generating Missions. Let’s say I wanted a bunch of mission in a Single location. I can add the name of that location (or system if you want it wider) and it will filter the results to just show the chosen location. Hmm, I thought why not expand the Regen list, so now the list generates 50 missions per pull. That’s up from 10. Meaning less time in the office ‘looking for things to kill, and more time killing’… Errr I mean removing the vermin from our systems.

Then I thought… ok the old limit on how many missions you can take, that’s a bit outdated, So I have extended how many missions you can take (based on your Faction) So more missions to practically make your scanner glow if you take them all in the same ‘locale’.

Then I thought… I think the old cap of 40 kills was a bit extreme. So I have reduced it quite dramatically. So you won’t have the long prospect of looking to kill 40 mobs before handing it in. That one’s based off your Captain Level (as it always was).

Finally… I figured, let’s give Combateers a helping hand. When it comes to sitting in a location scanning time after time, having to scan your eyes (or ears VI players) up and down the listing it can be tiresome, and you end up missing one in a rush to scan again.

So I have added some code to help out. When ON a mission for a target, the scanner will check to see if one appears IN the location of the Mission AND matches any of your Mission targets. If it does, it will add an Asterix *to the end of the ship’s name. Now when you scan looking for your targets, keep an eye or ear open for the Asterix!

So to recap…

More Missions, more per regen, a cool way to filter results, More Credits, less kills and a Groovy AI that looks out for your Mission Targets…

Hashtag #lets-make-combat-groovy

I’m off to look at the other combat offices and give them all the same treatment. Have fun scanning for Gal-Fed Missions. (Yes Pirates, I will do yours next).


P.S for those who don’t or have not used a Combat Office – Missions are generated off your ship’s Max Stats. So No matter what your level of combat you will find missions generated above, at and below your level of combat effectivity. USE the threat column to figure out where you ‘feel best comfortable’. That I will leave to you.

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