Combat Loot Probes

I have been mulling over with the staff the issue of Misc loot in Combat of late. I had spent some time (real time) hunting myself in various areas and getting to grips with the feel of loot mechanics. Of late we have had a few ‘muttered’ comments about Misc loot and I needed to see for my self.

The last combat update was intended to diversify and expand the looting system in combat, which I feel it did. But as an unforeseen side affect it dramatically cut the appearance of Misc loot.

After playing for several hour long sessions and spending just about as much time with my head in log files I decided it was time for a tweak :)

So I bring you ‘Combat Loot Probes’.

These guys are simply consumables. they are fairly cheap to build (all things considered) and as they fall in the same vein as EBK style crafting are stored and used from your Engineering store.

You can find the Schematic for these at Waldos Schematics. You’ll also need an old sub schematic but you will find that at the same store.

As per EBK’s these are crafted in Stacks of Tens and placed in your Engineering Bay.

To use: Simply save some Action Points during combat. As long as you have an Action Point to spare and a Probe in your hold you can launch it via a new icon in the loot screen. These probes are not the brightest bulbs in space but they have a good chance of locating Misc loot you would normally miss.

I have also increased by a large % the ‘default’ Find Misc items. This is still there for those of you that wont or cant be bothered to use the new Probes. This will hopefully also increase the basic ‘find a misc item’ factor over time.

This was bought about with the interaction and feedback of the staff.


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  1. Korthen says:

    Thanks Coops. Any thought to having specific probes ie, phantom ore probes, rare gas probes?

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