Combat Loot – New Button

Well to be precise new Icon….

During the week THIS THREAD sprung up. It’s not the first time we had seen this request and I will admit that with the changes to Combat looting I had to stop and ponder if it wasn’t ‘now’ a sensible request.

So I took some time away form bashing ‘new player experience’ over on Dev and Crow Barred in another function for Combat Looting.

On the Loot Screen you will now see a new icon. For the VI this has image tags so you can tell it’s state.

If you have sufficient Space in your cargo hold to collect ALL the loot shown on the screen, clicking the new Green Tick will do exactly that! Collect all the loot in a single sweep. If you do NOT have enough room to collect it all the green tick becomes a Red Cross (again VI tags are applied).

You can use the button at ANY time during the loot process, it matters not when you use it.

Bought to you by your caring Dev :lol:



  1. Captain Afarticus says:

    After playing the game for couple of months now, I made a suggestion for a minor improvement and literally couple of hours later the improvement was implemented ! Combatting ships for me is now even more fun!

    Thanks !

  2. Falconner says:

    this should make combat I do more of,just through this edition alone,not to mention the fun besides!
    Thank you coops for all you do mate!

  3. pikolinianita says:


    that will save me (all of us 🙂 ) a few clicks.

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