Coalition Takes Off the Gloves

Hi there folks, Gus Givens here reporting on what is likely to be the most talked about, and filmed event in recent History. No, I’m not talking about the Rexx Devotion concert going on over on Eden, although that has got a lot of press coverage this week.

No, I’m referring to the Coalition Command making the decision that its time to hit the A.I hard and long. Since the massive combat effort that took place back in September last year the A.I has been hardening it’s positions on both the Nebula and Planet fronts.

Meanwhile the Coalition has been busy, VERY busy. Along with researchers from A.R.C and the best military scientists of our time, the large scale deployment Vehicles have been completed and a ‘drone controlled’ fleet is now viable. This was all opened up to the general public last year and they were encouraged to begin stockpiling Automated combat forces through Genesis Construction plans.

Since then some 100,000 units have been constructed, with over 18,000 separate Genesis Build projects being launched by private captains hoping to get in on the eventual action. Today the Council have released their official war plans and this means the entrenched combat of Four system Nebula and planets.

Nebula PV1 – Atlantica | Sphere
Nebula RF1 – Kell Expanse | Sphere
Nebula AJ1 – Arclight | Forge
Nebula LB1 – Kinbnal | Verec-per

Nemausa – Arclight | Forge
DSV-ATL-02 – Atlantica | Sphere
Leran – Kinbnal | Verec-per
Toyila – Talsamar | Sphere

These key locations are where the Coalition council have decided to make a stand, and attempt to not only remove the AI from the planets, but also close once and for all the AI entry into the Nebula in these systems. It is the hope of the council that once the AI are thwarted from entering into the systems through the Nebula that it will cease more planets becoming targets to the AI invasions.

As of 9.00 AM this morning all battle fleets were placed on high alert and some 102 Battle groups jumped into the systems in question to bolster the existing forces.

All G.P.D.S deployment controls will be given over to Coalition Commanders on the ground and in space, so that they may make best use of these forces. The Coalition Council have warned that this will NOT be a short war, in fact they expect this to be a very long and drawn out war. But with the additional use of automated non human deployments the council believes this saving of human life will make all the difference.

The council now urges anyone with Genesis Deployments to form them as best they can and deploy them to any chosen battle ground location they see fit. You will be able to monitor your forces as they are added to the battle group at that location, and will be informed when they have been deployed or the location cleared.

The Commanders have set up Campaigns at each of the eight locations and the public can monitor the overall campaign status from THIS VIEW

We will follow up on the Campaign War as it moves forward. This has been Gus Givens bringing you the latest ISN News

Gus Givens
ISN News Desk

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    Yes! I’ve been waiting for this news for what feels like years. 😀

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