Coalition discusses Genesis Project

Hello folks, Gus Givens here with the latest development regarding the Coalition and the genesis project, as many of you know the genesis project regards the creation of entirely new habitable planets. At the beginning of the project it was though that these new planets could hopefully be used to house growing civilian populations in comfort as well as support the growth of industry in the six galaxies.

However with the advent of the AI invaders, much of the Genesis Projects administration was taken under the control of the Coalition’s military/industrial committee and turned over to the development and construction of assets for the war effort.

Currently though much of this economic power is underutilised as Coalition commanders discuss and plan new tactics and strategies for routing the AI, utilising only limited numbers of the new autonomous ships and mech troops in training exercises.

A large group of business interests is lobbying the Coalition to free up some of this unused production capacity for other non military uses, they claim that doing so will strengthen the economic situation of the galaxies and make it more resilient during times of war while the Coalition builds forces and decides how best to strike back against the AI.

These business interests are led foremost by the A.R.C. project, the private research group who specialises in study of AI technology, it is speculated that since much of the Genesis projects industrial facilities are partially based on AI tech, they have an advantage in developing further applications for it and thus a sizable stake in the future of the Genesis project.

The Coalition has agreed to enter talks with this group and we expect discussion and negotiations will take several days to perhaps a week or two before anything is finalised, we here at ISN will keep you informed as the situation changes, this is Gus Givens signing off.

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