Civilian Large Docking Bay

Starbase Docking

This is the first of Six Docking bays for Starbases. Each one will add extra functionality or act as a requirement for a subsequent Starbase Facility. In this case, the Civilian Large Docking Bay is required for Sunflower Starways Office to be accessible. It also gives a boost to the Starbase Quality of Life and Trade Efficiency. Furthermore, it has some extra research options once deployed (when you have Research buildings deployed).

Welcome to the Starbase Civilian Large Docking Bay, the hub of activity for dozens of large freighters and civilian space vessels. This colossal docking bay requires a massive 250,000 units of energy to operate and a crew of 30 to ensure everything runs smoothly. Its size and capacity are unmatched in the galaxy, making it the go-to destination for interstellar commerce and transport.

With its advanced docking and loading systems, the Starbase Civilian Large Docking Bay is equipped to handle a wide range of cargo and vessels, from massive interstellar haulers to sleek personal spacecraft. Its state-of-the-art facilities make it a preferred destination for traders and explorers alike, providing them with the resources they need to conduct their business efficiently and safely.

Many of the starbase’s critical facilities rely on the Civilian Large Docking Bay to function, making it an essential component of interstellar travel and trade.

Energy Requirement: 250,000
Starbase Level Requirement: 1
Daily Running Costs: 40,000 CR
Staff Requirements: 30

There are two Large Main Docking Bays, this is the first to be released and as such is a Store Only item. The other Large one will be the Starbase Military Docking Bay which will follow later. The larger ones are Store only and the four smaller ones will be Player Crafted.

You can review the docking bays that will follow, as the Docking Facilities page on your Starbase footer is now active.

Starbase Research
The Research Facilities will be added this week. I have activated the Research page on your starbase and am currently tinkering with how the deployed Facilities work. These will be a mixture of Store and Player Crafting when released.


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