Christmas Taggers – Strike Again!

It’s that time of year again folks, yes you guessed it the graffiti gangs and their spray cans are back out once again. It seems at this time of year Captains have to be extra vigilant for these ‘practical jokers’.

Their art work can be seen popping up all over the place, there really is no limit the places they won’t tag. Many Captains are unhappy about the way the officials seem to look on this form of graffiti as ‘just kids letting off steam’ others have taken matters into their own hands and are reporting the taggers and their handy work when they spot them.

Either way we can expect to see the Christmas message plastered all over the Galaxy this year. Interestingly enough this year they have also started using that new Holo Paint. It comes in all kinds of images ranging from Christmas trees, to blue and red gift boxes and of course every taggers favourite Candy Cane!

Those interested in helping report tag incidents can do so through Official Channels.


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