December Off To a Bang!

OK, folks, there is LOTS going on this month Already and I wanted to cover as much as I could in one place. (Saves me and the staff form quoting half a dozen different URLs at you). I have today kicked off a number of Christmas events, so I thought I’d list and link them here for a quick easy look up.

Christmas PLAY TO WIN
Shortly the Festive hand out will start. This is based on the tried and tested PLAY to Win method. The more you play the more you win in the form of festive items. This December there are LOTS to collect. So make sure you READ the info on the items you’re awarded.

Some are for the Coops Collection (Documents), some are for San Ticlaws collection for the Children, whilst others are for the Christmas Exchange! Plus there are a few extra ones thrown in there for fun. Most of these items CAN be traded in at the Festive Centers for festive points. It is up to YOU to work out which ones to keep and which to trade in. So please take time to read their info and trade on only those you want to :)

San Ticlaws Collection
Yup, Santa is back and like last year rather than handing over his presents to the incompetent delivery couriers, he’s asking YOU to help him fill his sacks again. Last year it worked really well and the Children at the orphanages were all really happy with their presents come Christmas Morning.

To that end Santa has opened up San Ticlaws Collection offices in the following locations:

Berolina in Zarante
Fujimori in Trantor
Iroma in Tornsul
Yam – Coalition 1
Casmar Station in Blake
Starbase-51 in Feris
Furia Station in Dashan

Your task is to hand in as many of the San Ticlaws items as you can before Midnight on the 24th. For each one you hand in Santa is handing out 1,000 XP. He is also adding good players names to a Drawn on the 25th for a special set of prizes!

Locate My Missing Documents
As you’d expect from me at this time of year, I appear to have had a whole swathe of Development code documents stolen from my desk! Man, I’m kicking myself for letting them get stolen. But it appears they are appearing ion the Christmas handouts! So let’s see if you can collect a set and hand them back to me – THEN report the fact in the forum competiton.

Christmas Taggers Strike AGAIN!
Yup, you guessed it the Christmas Taggers are back and with a vengeance, it appears! They have tagged Ships, Store and even Promenades this year. Your task is to choose one sighting and report it. We are rewarding reports (just one per captain) so don’t miss out this year!

Christmas Exchange
I have already posted/forewarned about this one, but we are now close to opening the door and launching the first Christmas Exchange. A certain set of the festive items being handed out need collecting and trading into the Exchanges (When they open). These will be traded for Christmas Points which will spendable on Specials for your ship. So start collecting!

Happy Hunting and playing this December!



  1. MasterShri says:

    Indeed, great game. Many, many things to do and explore as rpg exploring games should be 🙂


  2. Wifly says:

    There were so many kinds of festive gifts this year! The more you played, the more they collected, and finding out where to turn them in for the best prizes was almost like a treasure hunt!

    My favorite items were the ones for the Christmas and Halloween Exchanges. Having the bonus pods and specials made them totally worthwhile!

  3. Falconner says:

    Core exiles has so much to do that you can never get enough of it,or get bored, because it has so many things to do!
    December indeed was the most fun ever,with multiple events, compititions,challenges,mechwars and whatnot!
    Love it!

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