Christmas Crafted Token

OK, so this one is a totally new Christmas Festivity….

I have created 12 new Christmas Resources. These resources can ONLY be obtained ‘directly’ from a festive San Ticlaws handout. This is being arranged and delivered by the Agents over at the San Ticlaws Office (Starbase-51 / Feris). You will begin to receive Private Messages from the San Ticlaws Agent, informing you if you have received any of these new resources.

If so, they are deposited for you into the Collection Point. You will need to go collect them. They act like any other resource in that they can be traded and stored etc. You are welcome to keep them for as long as you like, and they will not ‘expire’.

The new resources will be sent (via Collection Point) from today until the end of the 25th of December.

OK Coops what do we do with them then?

Glad you asked. If you go visit the San Ticlaws Collection office on Starbase-51 you will find they issue you three new Schematics. (first time you visit after this post). They also send you a Private Message informing you of said action in case you miss the message.

The Three Schematics create a ‘Christmas Crafted Token’

As per any other schematic, these require the resources to be in your Commercial store at the time of crafting. You will find the end item under ‘Misc’ and is listed as a Festive item.

OK So what’s special about this Christmas Crafted Token?

You really know the right questions, :) Simple Trade the Token to me Coops at any location (from your misc store) and THEN send me a PM informing me you have sent 1 or how every many you managed to craft. I will in turn convert them into Exiles Resources Tokens. 1:1

As the hand out is going to run till the end of the 25th and as the resources AND the tokens are tradeable, this opens up a whole host of options to gain yourself some Exiles Resource Tokens. The only thing you need to do is PLAY each day between now and the 25th and stash away as many of the Christmas resources as you can!

So To recap – Play – Get PM’s informing you that you have been sent Christmas Resources. Collect said resources and also, at some stage, visit the San Ticlaws Collection office at least once to get the Schematics.

Then craft the Christmas Crafted Token and trade them to Coops.

The Christmas Resources and the Tokens will NOT expire or disappear from your inventory come January. You can keep any you have left over and trade them at any time with other players, and craft and hand in at any time during the year. (You MUST PM me to let me know you traded some). This is a way for everyone to get their hands on some Exile Resource Tokens, even if they don’t support via the store or win any competitions this Christmas.

Finally, a reminder, items placed in the Collection Point ONLY remain there waiting pick up for 30 days. It is up to YOU to go collect them!

Have fun….


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