Christmas 2022

Well it’s been a long time coming, for me this year has been a mixture of dragging along with spurts of ‘err where did that month go’. I’m sure glad to put this year to bed, but we have December to make our way through first, so let’s enjoy it shall we :)

I have kick-started a few of the December elements, so let’s run through them quickly. Most of these run off festive items that are handed out by the Festive Ticker. This, like all the tickers that hand out goodies, is based off how much activity you’ve had since the last time it was run. The more the activity, the higher the ‘chance’ you’ll get a larger hand out. IE play more to get more :)

First up….

Christmas Exchange
These will be open shortly. I have a post about them OVER HERE. Collect the Christmas Exchange items and hand them in for XP, credits and Christmas points. These you can stack up and spend them on Specials ONLY available in December from the same office you hand the Christmas Exchange items in to.

Next up….

San Ticlaws Collection
As always, in December, we offer you the chance to collect and drop off toys (Christmas festive items) to this office. We collect the toys and hand them out to the children in the Galactic Orphanages on Christmas day. Because of that, you only have till the 25th to hand in as many as possible.

A server wide reward on the 25th is in order if you complete the list. Plus of course you get rewarded with credits and XP for your trouble. You’re looking for the San Ticlaws Collection offices dotted around the Galaxies. Check out THIS POST for more info.

Then of course…

Core-Exiles Christmas Challenge
I still need to work out the finer details of this year’s Christmas Challenge, but I will be holding a 2-week challenge over Christmas and into the new year. Keep your eyes open for more details as I iron them out.


Christmas Crafted Tokens
Last year I started a tradition of the Christmas Crafted Token. We hand out Resources (special Christmas ones) you collect them and CRAFT the items to trade to ME. Check out THIS POST for more info.


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